New Maximal 12 Ton Forklift In Development

Bigger forklifts are in constant demand these days for the growing number of tougher, heavy duty jobs emerging all over Australia. The sheer number of requests for 10 ton forklifts from the mining sector and development sites are why Maximal will soon be launching its new 12 ton diesel forklift into the Australian market.

Maximal currently offers a wide range of diesel forklifts with lift capacities from 1 to 10 tons as well as heavy duty lift trucks with 14 to 32 ton lift capacities. The new Maximal 12 tonner with 600 load centre intends to fill the gap between the 10 and 14 ton forklift range so customers can have the exact forklift size for their specific needs.

The decision to develop the 12 ton diesel forklift comes after consultations with ForkForce, the Australian distributor of Maximal forklifts.  Being the progressive company that it is, Maximal regularly confers with its distributors to study developing trends and needs in the forklift market worldwide.

According to ForkForce director Adrian Martin, the capital outlay involved in acquiring heavy duty equipment is substantial and most customers don’t want to be paying more for a forklift size that exceeds their needs. “It’s a massive jump between the 10 and 14 tonner, not just in lift capacity or physical size, but in dollar value as well”, Martin points out. “We’ve identified a niche market here and we’re happy that Maximal has responded to our request to develop a forklift that meets the exact needs of our customers,” the director further adds.

With their superior quality engines and efficient transmissions, large-size Maximal forklifts are starting to build a reputation in the Australian market.  ForkForce has had Maximal machines vigorously working in its forklift hire fleet for many years now and customers have been quite impressed with the performance of these Chinese forklifts in various applications.

The 12 ton diesel forklift which will be available by the middle of this year and comes with fully air-conditioned operator cabins, quality diesel engines and superior transmission systems.

This new model will be priced extremely competitively and promise to offer the best value for money for those requiring heavy duty forklift services in their day-to-day operations. Call today to pre order your 12T Maximal forklift.

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