4 Tonne – Mini 5 Tonne LPG Forklift

4 - 5 tonne maximal lpg forklift

Lift Capacity: 4T – 5T
Lift Height: 3m to 6m
Fuel Type: Liquid Propane Gas (LPG)
Mast: Wide View 2 Stage Mast & Full Free 3 Stage Mast

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Maximal 4T – Mini 5T LPG forklifts are fast becoming a popular choice in warehouse operations these days. Apart from their low capital cost, gas forklifts have less carbon build-up and can operate even under severe atmospheric conditions.

Propane forklifts are versatile enough to traverse steep grades and rugged outdoor terrains. They can withstand long duty cycles without downtime and operate at peak performance levels from start to finish.

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  • High performance GM vortex engine
  • Low, slip-proof access steps on either side
  • Wide mast rails for clearer view of fork tips and load
  • High grade suspension safety seat for comfort and ease of operation
  • Easy to access forward hydraulic control and left hand directional travel levers
  • Fully adjustable steering wheel to accommodate various operator sizes
  • Customary pedal arrangement enables optimum control and safe manoeuvres
  • Operator cubicle is mounted separately to protect against vibration and surface shocks
  • Premium hydraulic components for reliable load handling
  • Load lowering safety valve on main lift cylinder
  • Side thrust rollers offer added lateral support for wider loads
  • 100% aluminium radiator core for stable engine coolant temperature control
  • LCD monitor with integrated diagnostic system
  • Minimal capital outlay and low maintenance costs
  • All-weather operational efficiency with less carbon emissions
  • EPA tier 3 and EU stage IIIA rated engines
  • Dual wheel options available
  • Side shift comes standard
  • Factory-Backed 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

4 – 5 Tonne LPG Forklift Specifications

Click the image below to download forklift specs for the Maximal 4 – 5 tonne lpg forklift:

4 - 5 Tonne Maximal LPG Forklift Specifications

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Power. Performance. Safety and Durability. All these have been foremost in our minds throughout our many years of building the best forklifts. And that’s exactly what you get with any of the LPG forklifts in the Maximal product range. Call or email us today to get your free quote!

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