Maximal To Increase Forklift Production From 5,000 To 30,000 Units Annually

Maximal, China’s fastest growing forklift manufacturer, is increasing its production from the current five-thousand unit capacity to thirty-thousand forklifts per year.

Two additional workshops have already been operational since May 2012, with a third workshop and a new administrative office to be completed in the first quarter of 2013. The entire factory complex now covers a total area of 130,000 square meters!

Maximal’s modern-day facility features state-of-the-art computer-controlled component production systems, component coating and assembly lines, a machine performance test area and a forklift stability tilt table testing section, among others. Maximal is confident that with the phenomenal improvements in their production facility, the significant increase in volume output and speed of production will help keep the prices of their products down for the end users.

Since it established itself as a modest-size forklift factory back in 2006, Maximal has already earned six state technical invention patents and over 30 design patents. Another feat for this very promising forklift exporter is the fact that it is the largest supplier of forklifts to the Chinese army.

Back in 2010, Maximal was first commissioned by the Chinese army to develop the omni-directional forklift built with a revolutionary type of drive wheel that allows changes in all directions. While it is unlikely that the commercial forklift user will ever see the omni-directional forklift in mass production, this just goes to prove Maximal’s ability to design and develop such type of revolutionary equipment and a great honor for Maximal to be trusted as a reliable forklift manufacturer by the massive Chinese army.

Building on this success, Maximal has established a long term partnership with the Chinese Military Transportation University and continues to provide regular technical research and development services for the update of their material handling equipment.

Maximal now accounts for over ten percent of China’s total forklift exports and is projected to soon become one of the top 20 forklift manufacturers worldwide. The company currently employs 650 personnel, over two hundred of which are college degree holders and more than sixty in their research and development division. Call us for a quote on your Maximal forklift today.

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