Maximal Becomes Third Largest Chinese Forklift Manufacturer

Maximal Forklifts has experienced phenomenal growth since it established itself as a modest-size forklift factory back in 2006. Maximal is now China’s 3rd largest forklift manufacturer.

What was really interesting to note in the 2012 Chinese forklift export report was that the 4th and 5th biggest exporters of Chinese forklifts by volume were actually a Japanese and American forklift brand. With the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th largest Chinese forklift exporters being Japanese, Japanese, European and Korean forklift manufacturers, respectively.

It is a little known fact that that a lot of American, European and Japanese forklift brands now actually have production or assembly plants in China as well as they look to lower production costs and increase their own sales into the Chinese forklift market.

Those in the know have been aware that these foreign forklift companies have had plants in China for some time, taking advantage of the lower production and labour costs, as they leverage their global brand names and selling Chinese built forklifts to existing customers.

However consumers are also beginning to recognise the high quality forklifts being manufactured in China coming from the Chinese manufacturers themselves.

In the case of Maximal, a Chinese forklift manufacturers whose main focus is on exporting, it has been a great advantage to their distributor, ForkForce, as they have been able to supply extremely well priced forklifts that have always exceeded quality standards due to the requirements placed on them to meet the rigid and exceptional demands of the export market regulations.

The sheer number of foreign companies now manufacturing forklifts in China can only be seen as an endorsement of the quality of forklifts being manufactured in China.

Yet Chinese forklift brands, like Maximal, without the decades of brand awareness of their American, European and Japanese competition are forced to win market share by offering their machines at a substantial discount as they strive to build their brand awareness despite many of their competitors forklifts coming from the same type of factories within the exact same country.

Maximal’s factory complex sits on a 130,000sqm area in the Lushan Industrial District of China. The state of the art facility includes an administrative headquarters and three separate workshops featuring cutting-edge computer-driven production systems.

Maximal currently accounts for over 10 percent of China’s total forklift exports, exporting to over 100 countries around the world and is soon projected to become one of the world’s top 20 global forklift manufacturers!

Maximal forklifts are distributed in Australia by ForkForce. Both companies have had a mutually beneficial working relationship for the past two years and ForkForce Australia director Adrian Martin confirmed that they’ve experienced unparalleled growth in their business since they started distributing Maximal forklifts in 2011.

“We have been fortunate to be dealing with a Chinese manufacturer whose core business is forklift exports rather than production for the local Chinese forklift market, so we’ve found the quality of Maximal’s forklifts to be far superior than their Chinese competitors given the higher regulatory standard they are required to meet in exporting to the different international markets” the ForkForce director adds.

The Maximal product range includes diesel, electric, LPG and dual-fuel forklifts with lift capacities from 1 to 32 tonnes and lift heights of up to 6 and 8 metres and are available for hire via ForkForce’s hire fleet.

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