Maximal 10 Tonne to 18 Tonne Forklifts Ready Today

With the demand for big 12 tonne+ forklifts steadily increasing, Maximal Forklifts is pleased to announce that forklift customers will no longer have to endure long waiting periods to have their forklifts delivered to their work sites.

ForkForce Australia, the primary Australian distributor of Maximal forklifts, has agreed to stock several 10 tonne, 12 tonne, 13.5 tonne, 14 ton and 18 tonne Maximal forklifts in its warehouse ready to be delivered to customers looking for big forklifts.

Traditionally, Australian forklift distributors only keep forklifts with maximum lift capacities of 7 tonnes in stock, considering the huge upfront capital costs involved in the production of larger sized forklifts. These 10 tonne+ forklifts are normally built on order by most forklift manufacturers and lead times can take up to 10 months until final delivery.

ForkForce Australia director Adrian Martin notes that 10 months is too long for anybody to wait to get a large size forklift working for his business. ForkForce recognises its customers’ needs for competitively priced, quality forklifts in a timely manner, which is why it has made the bold move to have these 10 to 18 tonners on hand and ready to be delivered immediately.

With some prodding from ForkForce a few months ago, Maximal Forklifts has also agreed fill in the gap between its 10 tonne and 14 tonne diesel forklift range with the addition of the new Maximal 12 tonne and 13.5 tonne diesel forklifts. This closes that gap that previously existed and gives customers more options and allows ForkForce to deliver big forklifts that are more specific to their customer’s needs.

ForkForce is the distributor of Maximal forklifts in Australia. For a quote on a Maximal 10 tonne forklift or great call ForkForce today. ForkForce also stocks the entire Maximal forklift range, which also includes 1 to 5 tonne electric forklifts and LPG forklifts as well as 1 to 2 tonne reach trucks.

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