Maximal Becomes Third Largest Chinese Forklift Manufacturer

Maximal Forklifts has experienced phenomenal growth since it established itself as a modest-size forklift factory back in 2006. Maximal is now China’s 3rd largest forklift manufacturer.

What was really interesting to note in the 2012 Chinese forklift export report was that the 4th and 5th biggest exporters of Chinese forklifts by volume were actually a Japanese and American forklift brand. With the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th largest Chinese forklift exporters being Japanese, Japanese, European and Korean forklift manufacturers, respectively.

It is a little known fact that that a lot of American, European and Japanese forklift brands now actually have production or assembly plants in China as well as they look to lower production costs and increase their own sales into the Chinese forklift market.

Those in the know have been aware that these foreign forklift companies have had plants in China for some time, taking advantage of the lower production and labour costs, as they leverage their global brand names and selling Chinese built forklifts to existing customers.

However consumers are also beginning to recognise the high quality forklifts being manufactured in China coming from the Chinese manufacturers themselves.

In the case of Maximal, a Chinese forklift manufacturers whose main focus is on exporting, it has been a great advantage to their distributor, ForkForce, as they have been able to supply extremely well priced forklifts that have always exceeded quality standards due to the requirements placed on them to meet the rigid and exceptional demands of the export market regulations.

The sheer number of foreign companies now manufacturing forklifts in China can only be seen as an endorsement of the quality of forklifts being manufactured in China.

Yet Chinese forklift brands, like Maximal, without the decades of brand awareness of their American, European and Japanese competition are forced to win market share by offering their machines at a substantial discount as they strive to build their brand awareness despite many of their competitors forklifts coming from the same type of factories within the exact same country.

Maximal’s factory complex sits on a 130,000sqm area in the Lushan Industrial District of China. The state of the art facility includes an administrative headquarters and three separate workshops featuring cutting-edge computer-driven production systems.

Maximal currently accounts for over 10 percent of China’s total forklift exports, exporting to over 100 countries around the world and is soon projected to become one of the world’s top 20 global forklift manufacturers!

Maximal forklifts are distributed in Australia by ForkForce. Both companies have had a mutually beneficial working relationship for the past two years and ForkForce Australia director Adrian Martin confirmed that they’ve experienced unparalleled growth in their business since they started distributing Maximal forklifts in 2011.

“We have been fortunate to be dealing with a Chinese manufacturer whose core business is forklift exports rather than production for the local Chinese forklift market, so we’ve found the quality of Maximal’s forklifts to be far superior than their Chinese competitors given the higher regulatory standard they are required to meet in exporting to the different international markets” the ForkForce director adds.

The Maximal product range includes diesel, electric, LPG and dual-fuel forklifts with lift capacities from 1 to 32 tonnes and lift heights of up to 6 and 8 metres and are available for hire via ForkForce’s hire fleet.

Maximal 10 Tonne to 18 Tonne Forklifts Ready Today

With the demand for big 12 tonne+ forklifts steadily increasing, Maximal Forklifts is pleased to announce that forklift customers will no longer have to endure long waiting periods to have their forklifts delivered to their work sites.

ForkForce Australia, the primary Australian distributor of Maximal forklifts, has agreed to stock several 10 tonne, 12 tonne, 13.5 tonne, 14 ton and 18 tonne Maximal forklifts in its warehouse ready to be delivered to customers looking for big forklifts.

Traditionally, Australian forklift distributors only keep forklifts with maximum lift capacities of 7 tonnes in stock, considering the huge upfront capital costs involved in the production of larger sized forklifts. These 10 tonne+ forklifts are normally built on order by most forklift manufacturers and lead times can take up to 10 months until final delivery.

ForkForce Australia director Adrian Martin notes that 10 months is too long for anybody to wait to get a large size forklift working for his business. ForkForce recognises its customers’ needs for competitively priced, quality forklifts in a timely manner, which is why it has made the bold move to have these 10 to 18 tonners on hand and ready to be delivered immediately.

With some prodding from ForkForce a few months ago, Maximal Forklifts has also agreed fill in the gap between its 10 tonne and 14 tonne diesel forklift range with the addition of the new Maximal 12 tonne and 13.5 tonne diesel forklifts. This closes that gap that previously existed and gives customers more options and allows ForkForce to deliver big forklifts that are more specific to their customer’s needs.

ForkForce is the distributor of Maximal forklifts in Australia. For a quote on a Maximal 10 tonne forklift or great call ForkForce today. ForkForce also stocks the entire Maximal forklift range, which also includes 1 to 5 tonne electric forklifts and LPG forklifts as well as 1 to 2 tonne reach trucks.

ForkForce Wins Maximal Forklift Dealer Of The Year Award

Maximal recently presented the “Forklift Dealer of the Year” award to ForkForce Australia for delivering the highest market share in its local market after only two years into its exclusive distributorship agreement with Maximal Forklifts.

The top global distributor of Maximal forklifts was honored to have Maximal chairman Lu Jin-Hong and two other general managers come all the way from China to present them award. ForkForce was extremely grateful that Maximal recognised its efforts to promote their forklifts in the Australian market.
ForkForce reported had a record year in terms for both their new and used forklift sales divisioins.

ForkForce’s rental business also achieved some incredible numbers with the addition of over 50 Maximal forklifts into its own hire fleet, allowing the forklift supplier to offer reduced forklift hire rates to its customers. ForkForce has said, the lower cost of high quality, Maximal forklifts within their hire fleet gives them the competitive edge over those stocking much more expensive forklifts within their hire fleets.

Considering that ForkForce started distributing Maximal forklifts in Australia only in 2011, the volume it has put in is quite impressive just two years into the distributorship agreement.

ForkForce is the distributor of the entire Maximal product range including diesel, electric, LPG and dual-fuel forklifts with lift capacities from 1 to 32. Maximal also offers electric reach trucks as well as 3-wheel electric forklifts. Call today for an obligation free quote.

New Maximal 12 Ton Forklift In Development

Bigger forklifts are in constant demand these days for the growing number of tougher, heavy duty jobs emerging all over Australia. The sheer number of requests for 10 ton forklifts from the mining sector and development sites are why Maximal will soon be launching its new 12 ton diesel forklift into the Australian market.

Maximal currently offers a wide range of diesel forklifts with lift capacities from 1 to 10 tons as well as heavy duty lift trucks with 14 to 32 ton lift capacities. The new Maximal 12 tonner with 600 load centre intends to fill the gap between the 10 and 14 ton forklift range so customers can have the exact forklift size for their specific needs.

The decision to develop the 12 ton diesel forklift comes after consultations with ForkForce, the Australian distributor of Maximal forklifts.  Being the progressive company that it is, Maximal regularly confers with its distributors to study developing trends and needs in the forklift market worldwide.

According to ForkForce director Adrian Martin, the capital outlay involved in acquiring heavy duty equipment is substantial and most customers don’t want to be paying more for a forklift size that exceeds their needs. “It’s a massive jump between the 10 and 14 tonner, not just in lift capacity or physical size, but in dollar value as well”, Martin points out. “We’ve identified a niche market here and we’re happy that Maximal has responded to our request to develop a forklift that meets the exact needs of our customers,” the director further adds.

With their superior quality engines and efficient transmissions, large-size Maximal forklifts are starting to build a reputation in the Australian market.  ForkForce has had Maximal machines vigorously working in its forklift hire fleet for many years now and customers have been quite impressed with the performance of these Chinese forklifts in various applications.

The 12 ton diesel forklift which will be available by the middle of this year and comes with fully air-conditioned operator cabins, quality diesel engines and superior transmission systems.

This new model will be priced extremely competitively and promise to offer the best value for money for those requiring heavy duty forklift services in their day-to-day operations. Call today to pre order your 12T Maximal forklift.

Maximal To Increase Forklift Production From 5,000 To 30,000 Units Annually

Maximal, China’s fastest growing forklift manufacturer, is increasing its production from the current five-thousand unit capacity to thirty-thousand forklifts per year.

Two additional workshops have already been operational since May 2012, with a third workshop and a new administrative office to be completed in the first quarter of 2013. The entire factory complex now covers a total area of 130,000 square meters!

Maximal’s modern-day facility features state-of-the-art computer-controlled component production systems, component coating and assembly lines, a machine performance test area and a forklift stability tilt table testing section, among others. Maximal is confident that with the phenomenal improvements in their production facility, the significant increase in volume output and speed of production will help keep the prices of their products down for the end users.

Since it established itself as a modest-size forklift factory back in 2006, Maximal has already earned six state technical invention patents and over 30 design patents. Another feat for this very promising forklift exporter is the fact that it is the largest supplier of forklifts to the Chinese army.

Back in 2010, Maximal was first commissioned by the Chinese army to develop the omni-directional forklift built with a revolutionary type of drive wheel that allows changes in all directions. While it is unlikely that the commercial forklift user will ever see the omni-directional forklift in mass production, this just goes to prove Maximal’s ability to design and develop such type of revolutionary equipment and a great honor for Maximal to be trusted as a reliable forklift manufacturer by the massive Chinese army.

Building on this success, Maximal has established a long term partnership with the Chinese Military Transportation University and continues to provide regular technical research and development services for the update of their material handling equipment.

Maximal now accounts for over ten percent of China’s total forklift exports and is projected to soon become one of the top 20 forklift manufacturers worldwide. The company currently employs 650 personnel, over two hundred of which are college degree holders and more than sixty in their research and development division. Call us for a quote on your Maximal forklift today.

1.5 Tonne Electric Narrow Aisle Turret Truck

1.5 Tonne Electric Narrow Aisle Turret Truck

Lift Capacity: 1.25T – 1.5T
Lift Height: 4.69m to 11.16m
Fuel Type: Battery Electric (80V)
Mast: Wide View 2 Stage Mast & Full Free 3 Stage Mast

Price: POA – Call 1300 423 675 Now For Your Free Quote

Maximal Electric Narrow Aisle Turret Trucks are designed with superior ergonomics and come with either forward or side stance configurations.

Built for indoor use, these versatile stacking trucks will suit a variety of applications including retail and grocery operations as well as general warehousing with closed racking isles for maximum warehouse use.

The configuration flexibility of lateral and front stacking trucks deliver optimal operator positioning even in the narrowest sections. A comfortable operator cab combined with precise steering capabilities and effortless ergonomic controls ensure your goods are transported and stored efficiently in the quickest time possible.

The versatile design and components of Maximal turret trucks are guaranteed to maximise your uptime and reduce your overall operating costs. To get these turret trucks working for you, call or send us an email today. We can provide you with free quotes on the lift trucks you need.


  • High performance, low-maintenance AC drive motor
  • Lowered centre of gravity for better stability
  • AC controller adjusts acceleration, braking, travel and lift to suit the application
  • Regenerative braking feature provides effective control and reduces brake wear
  • Easy to access emergency power disconnect switch
  • Large inner & outer rail rollers for added capacity
  • Premium hydraulic lift system with safety load-lowering valve
  • High-visibility structure maximises view of fork tips and load
  • Easy operator access features include large grab handle and low step height
  • Fully adjustable, premium suspension seat keeps driver comfortable even in longer shifts
  • Easy-to-reach forward right-hand hydraulic control levers allow one hand multi-functions
  • Onboard diagnostics alert operator to reduce troubleshooting and vehicle downtime
  • Low noise and zero emission operation
  • Factory-Backed 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

1.5 Tonne Turret Truck Specifications

Click the image below to download the specs for the Maximal 1.5 tonne electric turret truck:

1.5 tonne electric turret truck specifications

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Maximal front and lateral stacking trucks make great additions to your growing warehouse fleet. Increase your overall productivity with this versatile reach truck range designed especially for areas with space constraints. Call or email us today so we can assist you with your material handling requirements,

1 Tonne – 1.8 Tonne LPG Forklift

1.8 Tonne LPG Forklift

Lift Capacity: 1 T – 1.8T
Lift Height: 3m to 6m
Fuel Type: Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) & Petrol
Mast: Wide View 2 Stage Mast & Full Free 3 Stage Mast

Price: POA – Call 1300 423 675 Now For Your Free Quote

For your mid-level handling operations, the 1T – 1.8T LPG forklift can be the most cost-effective solution, especially if you’re looking for lift trucks with the lowest capital outlay. They have the lowest emissions among IC forklifts are highly versatile for indoor and outdoor use.

Cost efficiency is significantly enhanced by the impressive ergonomics and premium hydraulics built into every model of the Maximal lpg forklift range.
To find out more about the Maximal LPG forklift range or to get a free quote on the lift truck of your choice, call or email Maximal forklifts today!


  • World-class design features and advanced technologies
  • Quick and easy refuelling
  • High quality Nissan engine as standard
  • Low centre of gravity and wide masts for maximum visibility
  • Large premium suspension safety seat for optimum operator comfort
  • Full rubber floor mat and synthetic mounted operator compartment to reduce vibration
  • Externally adjustable load and thrust rollers to maintain mast and carriage alignment
  • Auto-style pedal arrangement for smooth acceleration and braking
  • Premium hydraulic components for safe load handling
  • Load lowering safety valve on hydraulic lift system
  • Power steering for precise control and easy manoeuvrability in confined spaces
  • Fully adjustable steering wheel for multiple operator sizes
  • All aluminium radiator core for consistent temperature management
  • Illuminated instrument panel and LCD display with integrated diagnostic system
  • EPA tier 3 and EU stage IIIA rated engines
  • Comes standard with side shift
  • Options for additional hydraulic functions and dual wheels are available
  • Factory-Backed 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

1 – 1.8 Tonne LPG Forklift Specifications

Click the image below to download forklift specs for the Maximal 1 – 1.8 tonne lpg forklift:

1 - 1.8 Tonne Maximal LPG Forklift Specifications

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If you are in search of a clean running IC forklift for mid-duty handling and moving jobs, any one of our propane lift truck models in the Maximal 1.3T-1.8T series can give you higher work yields with the lowest running costs. Call or send us an email today to obtain a free estimate of your selected Maximal forklift.

2 Tonne – 2.5 Tonne LPG Forklift

2.5 Tonne LPG Forklift

Lift Capacity: 2T – 2.5T
Lift Height: 3m to 6m
Fuel Type: Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) & Petrol
Wide View 2 Stage Mast & Full Free 3 Stage Mast
Price: POA – Call 1300 423 675 Now For Your Free Quote

The Maximal 2T – 2.5T LPG forklifts deliver the perfect combination of efficiency, comfort and safety, rendering it an incredibly smart investment for your handling applications and one of our best selling forklifts.

For additional information regarding Maximal LPG forklifts as well as to receive a free quote on the lift truck of your liking, get in touch with us via phone or email. We will be very pleased to help you with your forklift requirements.


  • Low upfront costs and smaller carbon footprint
  • Large, low-positioned non-slip access steps on both sides
  • Low centre of gravity and wide masts for optimum field of vision
  • Full-size premium suspension safety seat for maximum rider comfort
  • Rubber isolated operator compartment provides quiet operation and reduces vibration
  • Sturdy fork carriage with adjustable side thrust rollers for handling off-set loads
  • Smooth acceleration and reliable braking with its auto-style pedal layout
  • High grade hydraulic features for dependable and precise load handling
  • Safety valve prevents uncontrolled lowering of the load or loss of pressure
  • State-of-the-art power steering delivers painless manoeuvrability in constricted spots
  • Fully adjustable steering wheel to suit various operator sizes
  • All aluminium radiator core for uniform temperature control
  • Illuminated instrument panel includes LCD monitor with built-in diagnostics
  • EPA tier 3 and EU stage IIIA compliant engines
  • High quality Nissan K25 engine
  • Side shift attachment comes included
  • The convenience of dual fuel
  • Dual wheel options
  • Factory-Backed 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

2 – 2.5 Tonne LPG Forklift Specifications

Click the image below to download forklift specs for the Maximal 2 – 2.5 tonne lpg forklift:

2 - 2.5 Tonne Maximal LPG Forklift Specifications

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Power. Performance. Safety and Durability. All these have been foremost in our minds throughout our many years of building the best forklifts. And that’s exactly what you get with any of the LPG forklifts in the Maximal product range. Call or email us today to get your free quote!

3 Tonne – 3.5 Tonne LPG Forklift

3.5 tonne maximal lpg forklift

Lift Capacity: 3T – 3.5T
Lift Height: 3m to 6m
Fuel Type: Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) & Petrol
Mast: Wide View 2 Stage Mast & Full Free 3 Stage Mast

Price: POA – Call 1300 423 675 Now For Your Free Quote

The Maximal FGL30T and FGL35T LPG forklift models have been enhanced to be more robust, yet environment-friendly workhorses that can tackle more challenging handling tasks. Taking loads of up to 3.5 tonnes, these high-capacity forklifts are amazingly manoeuvrable and easy to manage in all operating conditions.

Keeping your handling costs to a minimum, these propane-powered lift trucks ensure quite and reliable operation and reduced maintenance downtimes. This particular series delivers both more eco-friendly and increased output to satisfy the load handling challenges of our times.

An LPG powered lift truck from Maximal will offer unequalled dependability for both outdoor and indoor applications. Contact Maximal Forklifts today via phone or email to get your free quote.


  • Cutting edge ergonomic design and features
  • Swift and simple refuelling
  • High quality K25 Nissan engine
  • Low centre of gravity for optimum structural integrity and protection
  • Large premium suspension safety seat for superior operator comfort
  • Synthetic mounted operator cab to minimise vibration and road shock
  • Externally adjustable load and thrust rollers to maintain excellent load stability
  • Auto-style pedal layout for seamless acceleration and braking
  • Advanced hydraulic features for dependable load handling
  • Load lowering safety valve on main lift cylinder
  • Power steering enables trouble-free manoeuvrability in areas with space constraints
  • Fully adjustable steering wheel for various operator sizes
  • All aluminium radiator core for reliable temperature control
  • Illuminated instrument board with LCD display and built-in diagnostics
  • Engines comply with EPA tier 3 and EU stage IIIA ratings
  • Side shift attachment comes standard
  • Dual wheel options are available upon request
  • Factory-Backed 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

3 – 3.5 Tonne LPG Forklift Specifications

Click the image below to download forklift specs for the Maximal 3.5 tonne lpg forklift:

3.5 Tonne LPG Forklift Specifications

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For more cost-effective solutions to your larger material handling jobs, an LPG forklift from the Maximal product range could be your most appropriate choice. Give us a call or send us an email and we will be very happy to assist you with your unique forklift requirements.