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2.5 tonne electric maximal forkliftA mix of full-bodied construction design and engineering, Maximal electric forklifts deliver clean, robust power with nearly maintenance-free operation.

The Maximal range of electric sit-down forklifts come in both 3-wheel and 4-wheel versions with lift capacities ranging from 1 tonne to 5 tonnes. With lifting heights of up to 6 metres, the Maximal electric counter balance forklift range is among the most extensive in the material handling industry.

Ideal for transport, dock and racking applications, our electric forklifts deliver superb power, utmost operator comfort and handling flexibility that drive more productivity in any counterbalanced application.

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1.3 – 2 Tonne Three Wheel Electric Forklift

  • Lift Capacity:1.3 – 2 Tonne
  • Lift Height: 3m to 6m
  • Fuel Type: Battery Electric
1 – 1.8 Tonne Electric Forklift

  • Lift Capacity:1 – 1.8 Tonne
  • Lift Height: 3m to 6m
  • Fuel Type: Battery Electric
2 – 2.5 Tonne Electric Forklift

  • Lift Capacity:2 – 2.5 Tonne
  • Lift Height: 3m to 6m
  • Fuel Type: Battery Electric
3 – 3.5 Tonne Electric Forklift

  • Lift Capacity:3 – 3.5 Tonne
  • Lift Height: 3m to 6m
  • Fuel Type: Battery Electric
4 – 5 Tonne Electric Forklift

  • Lift Capacity:4 – 5 Tonne
  • Lift Height: 3m to 6m
  • Fuel Type: Battery Electric


  • Highly stable chassis with excellent weight-to-load handling
  • Lower centre of gravity for enhanced stability
  • Superior quality I-beam and C-channel mast construction
  • Reliable Curtis control operating system
  • Large inner & outer rail rollers for added capacity, less friction and resistance
  • Externally adjustable side-thrust rollers provide specified alignment
  • Wide-view and full-free duplex or triplex masts with 6 metre maximum lift height
  • Hydraulic lift system with a load lowering valve
  • Premium suspension seat with fully adjustable forward, aft and lumbar positions
  • Strategically positioned, forward right-hand hydraulic controls for one hand operation
  • Lighted LED display panel with onboard diagnostics
  • Low noise level and no emissions
  • Longer lifespan due to fewer moving parts
  • Units come complete with automatic intelligent battery charger
  • Factory-Backed 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

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Wherever freedom from exhaust emissions and noise reduction are of prime importance, the Maximal electric forklift range will deliver power, performance and efficiency. Maximal forklifts are tough and dependable, yet highly economical. We are ready to assist you with your unique forklift requirements so call or send us an email today.

Fork Force Australia is the exclusive Australian Maximal Distributor.

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