Maximal Forklift Dealers Wanted

Maximal is the Number #1 Selling Chinese forklift in Australia which is really saying something given that Chinese forklifts now make up 25% of Australian new forklift sales!

In light of this increasing demand for Maximal forklifts we are now looking for Australian forklift dealers around the country who can take on the Maximal product range!

As a Maximal forklift dealer you would have:

  1. Exclusive dealership territory opportunities
  2. The option to buy Australia based stock for fast delivery or import stock directly from the factory to save on shipping costs
  3. Wholesale pricing giving you improved hire fleet profitability and increased sales margins
  4. Australia wide parts availability and technical support
  5. All Maximal forklifts are fully compliant with Australian standards

Benefits of the Maximal brand include:

  • Large Product Range: Maximal offers you the full range of LPG, diesel and electric forklifts from 1 to 32 tonne.
  • High Quality, Established & Growing Brand: Maximal have been custom engineered to be meet and exceed Australian standards. There are over 1000 Maximal forklifts already in operation around Australia demonstrating their quality and durability. This attention to performance and quality has made Maximal the #1 selling Chinese forklift in Australia.
  • Low Risk: Becoming a Maximal forklifts distributor would make you a part of a winning team with Maximal’s range and sales growing rapidly. Maximal forklifts achieved 260% sales growth in 2012 and 2013 will be another record year!

If you would like more information about becoming a Maximal forklift dealer please Call Peter directly on 0423 603 677 or email us below.


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